AUSTIN, Texas — A recent survey of around 2,000 people found that Austin is at the top of many Americans' bucket lists.

Of 2,000 people surveyed by Provision Living, 95 percent said they have a bucket list.

Of the two thousand people that were surveyed, travel made up for 77 percent of the most popular experiences people listed on their bucket list, and it's no surprise that Austin ranked ninth in the top ten cities Americans want to visit in their life. 

Leading at number one is Honolulu while New York is number two.

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Some of the most desired experiences listed on Americans' bucket lists were to skydive, win the lottery and have kids while some of the least desired experiences were to get arrested, break a minor law or try online dating. 

Financially, the amount of money most people are willing to spend on a bucket list item averaged out to a little more than $3,000, however, 57 percent of people who were surveyed said finances were the biggest reason preventing them from checking items off their lists.