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KVUE PROFILES: Lick Honest Ice Creams

Get a lick of this! It’s honest, homemade ice cream that tastes like Texas in every scoop!

AUSTIN, Texas — As Austin celebrates Pride Month in August, KVUE met with the couple who took a chance on an ice cream dream and didn’t let any prejudice stop them from making it come true.

“When we opened, we couldn’t get a loan from anyone, so we sold our house, that’s what funded opening Lick,” said co-founder Anthony Sobotik.

Not only did they face hardships as new business owners, but they also faced silenced opposition because they were a couple.

“We never faced prejudice to our face but behind the scenes we know we’ve lost opportunities in kind of every facet of the business,” said co-founder Chad Palmatier.

Despite any lost deals, the community of Austin was there to pick them back up and lend their support.

“For all of those negative experiences, the positive experiences outweigh them a thousand to one,” said Sobotik.

“We were welcomed with open arms. We never hid the fact that we were a couple,” said Palmatier.

You can find all of Lick Honest Ice Creams’ delicious locations by following them on Instagram (@lickicecreams).


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