KVUE has spotted a new, colorful Austin Police Department patrol vehicle on the streets that appears to support the LGBT community.

Along the side of the "Pride Ride" reads the words, "Pride," "Equality" and "Peace" in rainbow colors. Even the rims are complete with pride colors.

The colorful car is also causing controversy.

"I think there are some questions the public will be asking about this," said Nicole Hudgens, a policy analyst with conservative organization Texas Values.

"Is it a normal patrol vehicle, is it being used to promote, you know, something political, just simple questions, what's the purpose. There are different places across the state, different cities where they put on their vehicles "In God We Trust" on the back windshield or back bumper. Was that considered?" Hudgens added.

Others in the community say the vehicle is a much-needed show of solidarity from APD.

"At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with love and support from the police department to the LGBT community," said Paul Huddleston, president of Austin Pride.

Huddleston believes if there was taxpayer money used to decorate the vehicle, it was money well-spent.

"We pay tax dollars as well," he said. "When it's all about love and support what could be wrong with that?"

Austin police answered some questions about the new vehicle, saying the department is involved in the city's Pride festivities every year, and wants to make sure the community knows it supports them.

APD could not say exactly how much decorating the car cost, but said money spent to put on the stickers and decals was minimal.

In the past, the department has decorated vehicles for the Komen Foundation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Click it or Ticket.

The vehicle will not stay this way. As soon as Austin Pride Week is over, police said the stickers and decals will be removed.