AUSTIN — In a rapid turn of events, the Austin police department's bomb squad was called out to a car wreck and grass fire investigation on Interstate 35 in South Austin Thursday afternoon after the vehicle's driver claimed he was carrying a bomb.

Friday afternoon, Austin police identified the driver as Rodrigo Porras, 39. He's charged with DWI.

Rodrigo Porras mugshot_1532714360691.png.jpg
Rodrigo Porras.

While investigating the car fire, Austin police said a "suspicious package" was found inside the vehicle. Police said in a Thursday press conference that the driver of the vehicle claimed there was a bomb inside. The suspicious package was later deemed safe, police said.


"EOD was called to the scene and they located a package, and they deemed that package to be safe. However, there was a clear liquid bottle that was located in the car that needed to also be deemed safe, and our chem lab was called to the scene and deemed that package safe," said Sgt. David Daniels.

Police said the driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Texas Department of Transportation said tolls were waived for northbound motorists who wanted to use State Highway 45 and northbound State Highway 130 to Highway 71 as an alternative route.