The Austin Police Department's forensic division now has a new director.

According to an internal email obtained by KVUE, Dr. Dana Kadavy starts work next week. She was previously the director at Signature Science here in Austin.

She will be in charge of all forensics, such as fingerprint and blood analysis.

DPS will continue to manage the DNA section of the lab for now.

The email states:

I am excited to announce the new Laboratory Director for the Austin Police Department: Dr. Dana Kadavy. Dr. Kadavy will begin working with us next week.

Dr. Kadavy was previously the Director at Signature Science here in Austin. She has a PhD in Biology with specialization in genetics, cellular and molecular biology.

Dr. Kadavy has over eighteen (18) years of experience running a multi-disciplined laboratory that serviced government, military and law enforcement agencies.

As you all know, Signature Science has been a great partner over the last year and covers most of our current DNA needs. Dr. Kadavy was a lead in developing and creating the DNA laboratory at Signature Science in just a few years' time. The Signature Science laboratory has thirteen (13) dedicated forensic staff that provides high quality service to clients such as the Austin Police Department and other state and federal clients.