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Austin police cracking down on speeding as crashes increase during pandemic

The APD said it has seen an increase in crashes despite traffic being down overall.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Police Department is now focusing its presence on high-speed and high-traffic roadways, as they've seen a significant increase in the number of fatal, serious injury and injury crashes occurring during a time when overall traffic is down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officers have also reported seeing excessive speeding during their shifts. In fact, two vehicles were stopped on Monday morning for traveling at more than 100 mph on MoPac.

Beginning on May 15 and lasting through May 31, officers will concentrate on reducing crashes overall through directed patrols across the city. The increased patrol is intended to stop speeding, red-light violations and other dangerous behaviors.

The APD is working in partnership with the Austin Transportation Department and other government groups to advance ongoing programs like Vision Zero to increase safety for everyone.

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