AUSTIN, Texas — Imagine going days, weeks or months without showering. That's the reality for many homeless people across Central Texas.

Now the nonprofit group Lighter Loads ATX is hoping to give others a clean start.

"You can't beat it -- some people get to shower only once a week, if that," said William Sherrard.

For him, taking a shower is not a luxury. For most of his life, he has not had a home.  

"I've lost all my stuff numerous times because of flooding and theft," Sherrard explained.

He says being able to shower is often a requirement.

"I work and do day labor every day so I need a shower for sure," he said.

The group called Lighter Loads ATX is hoping to make regular showering a possibility.

"We found out they had resources, they could get food and water, but the one thing they kept saying was they needed showers," said James Ritchie, one of the group members.

"They get infections," Ritchie said. "We can help them clean up."

"It makes a person feel better about themselves for sure," Sherrard said. He's grateful the group gave him the ability to clean up. 

Lighter Loads ATX is hoping to buy its own shower to use all across Central Texas. The new mobile shower would cost about $45,000.

If you're interested in helping out the non-profit group,visit the group's website.