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Austin "momtrepenuer" creates mobile babysitting truck

Founder Becca Tochman found herself in a bit of a conundrum after having her first child.

We’re used to things going mobile in Austin. Now, in addition to food trucks, you’ll find a new business on wheels around town: Studio Sitter.

It's a mobile babysitting truck.

Founder Becca Tochman found herself in a bit of a conundrum after having her first child.

"How hard it was to find childcare for the things that I needed, which was a spin class or hair appointment,” said Tochman, who was trying to find a balance between mom duties and taking care of her own health.

So she founded Studio Sitter, a mobile playroom that will park outside of studio fitness centers, hair salons and eventually restaurants for date nights for mom and dad. Tochman is working with Austin businesses for partnerships to park outside while you get a workout, haircut or dinner inside.

Inside the Studio Sitter, you’ll find a play mat with benches, books, toys and blocks. They can take up to eight children at a time, from 3-months-old to 6-years-old.

Tochman said it’s a priority for them to include healthy habits for the children as well.

"An environment that cultivates their imagination and promotes the healthy lifestyle that their parents are prioritizing for themselves as well,” said Tochman. "We have yoga flashcards we're incorporating and things like that."

There’s a security system in place. In addition to a security code given to parents when they drop off and pick up their child, “a surveillance system is on the trailer so it is being recorded at all times, so we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of the children,” said Tochman.

They have two babysitters on the truck at all times that undergo thorough background checks, according to Tochman and her partner, Susan Glass.

They fall under the same state laws as gyms and church child-care centers, so they can watch children up to three hours at a time.

“We’re bringing childcare to places that wouldn't normally have it,” Tochman said.

Giving parents peace of mind while they take a moment to themselves.

For information on pricing, click here.

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