A landfill with materials that could be reused is a scene all too common. But the Austin Materials Marketplace is trying to change that.

"We just saw that there was this huge opportunity to take these resources that have just been lightly used for three days and be given back to the community," said program manager of Austin Materials Marketplace, Katie Duffy.

The Austin Materials Marketplace worked closely with the organizers of South by Southwest. They used the convention center as both a drop off and pick up for recycled items like lumber, fabric, office supplies, and much more.

"I think it's awesome that there people who are conscious of the waste and impact that these types of events have on the environment," said Ada Broussard, the marketing manager at Johnson's backyard garden.

Johnson's Backyard Garden, a community-supported farm in East Austin, was one of the participants in using discarded items from South by Southwest.

"We are reusing a lot of stuff here at the farm," said Broussard.

Johnson's Backyard Garden also painted signs on leftover ply wood from the 10-day expo.

"We try to have a zero-waste operation. We try to operate sustainably as best we can, so diverting some of these goods helps us with that mission," said Broussard

As for the Austin Materials Marketplace, they say the feeling of making an impact makes it all worth it.

"So to work for a program that's making it possible for businesses to you know think about their materials in a very different and creative way, and in a sustainable way without actually having to take on too many of those efforts themselves ... That really just kind of ties together, everything that I want to do with my life," Broussard said.

15 local artists, non-profits and farms received recycled items from the Austin Materials Marketplace this past year -- and the group is hoping for at least double the amount, next year.

To learn more about Austin Materials Marketplace, click here.

To learn more about Johnson's Backyard Garden, you can visit their website here.

***Photos courtesy of Scott Gordon and Katie Duffy***