An Austin man spoke out for the first time to KVUE after a now suspended nurse aide is accused of abusing his 83-year-old mother at a North Austin nursing home.

Chandler McCaughan was shocked when he saw KVUE'S story last week. Mainly because he said that's not what an administrator at the Windsor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Duval in North Austin told him during a phone call last week.

"An employee had taken an inappropriate photograph, an unauthorized photograph, and it included my mother from the side view and she had something put on her face," McCaughan said.

The Snapchat images, however, showed something different. They showed what appears to be feces on the woman's hands. 

McCaughan couldn't believe what happened to his mother.

"How could you do this? Honestly, how can anyone do this to another human being?"

What is more shocking to McCaughan is that Austin police plan to close the case.

"We're incredulous this case has been closed so quickly," said McCaughan.

McCaughan has since moved his 83-year-old mother out of the Windsor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. He's also hired an attorney.

William Holms said, "the other thing that's also very disturbing that an individual can do this to someone and that there would be no accountability."

Holms believes the nurse aide will eventually be charged and isn't buying Austin police's story about a lack of evidence.

"In order to do this, you would have not only have to get a hold of his cell phone, but also his Snapchat account, but also get into his facility where he's working and into the room where this individual is being cared for," said Holms. 

Holms is now pursuing an independent investigation. Ultimately hoping the Travis County District Attorney's Office will step in and hold the nurse aide responsible.