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Children share memories of having Dr. Dodson as a pediatrician over the years

Following the devastating murder of a beloved local pediatrician, Dr. Lindley Dodson's patients are sharing what it was like to have her as their childhood doctor.

AUSTIN, Texas — It's been two days since a beloved local pediatrician was killed at her own clinic, and the community is still trying to process the grief and shock of losing someone who played a vital role in their family's lives.

Austin police say the victim, 43-year-old Dr. Lindley Dodson, was shot and killed by 43-year-old Dr. Bharat Narumanchi after a six-hour standoff at her pediatric clinic on 35th Street in Central Austin.

Outside of her office is a growing memorial filled with flowers, drawings of her in her white coat, and now a message wall.

"She was someone you could be comfortable with whenever you needed help physically or mentally. She was always someone you could talk to without having to worry," said one young girl on Thursday.

Her clients say Dr. Dodson was well known for remembering small details about people's children, an earache from years before, or the time they struggled with sleep. 

"Dr. D still had keys to the secret garden of childhood. She just 'got' kids. She could look them in the eye, touch her forehead to theirs, whisper a joke and they would share a secret moment of being fully understood. My timid kid came alive for her," said Lydia Guarino.

She also was a positive boost for new mothers who were struggling with some of the challenges that come with raising a child for the first time. 

"I keep thinking about how she said, 'Hey friend!', when she came into a room. All her patients were her friends and she was so patient with me as a new mom," said Katie Cukerbaum

She went the extra mile for her patients, and will be remembered as an excellent doctor, wife, friend and mother. 

A spokesperson for the family told KVUE that funeral arrangements will be announced on Friday.


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