AUSTIN — Stephen F. Austin High School has installed over 200 solar panels, as part of Austin ISD's plan to cut down energy costs.

While students normally aren't allowed to get on Austin High's roof, on Saturday, Austin ISD students of all ages were able to look at how those solar panels will power the school.

"I never knew they would be like, so big," six-year-old Khoi Hoang said.

Dozens of kids like Hoang were able to learn about renewable resources.

"The solar panels power the school up, and it gives it electricity," Hoang said.

"Over the last decade, Austin ISD has taken the lead on solar [energy]. They've installed solar on 45 of the campuses," Emma Pabst, a clean energy associate for Environment Texas, said. "It's one of the largest installations the school district has. It helps save thousands of dollars in energy costs."

The installation of these solar panels cost Austin ISD about $300,000.

Contractor Kevin Chavez said it's a long-term investment.

"This will pay for itself in six to eight years. It will generate its own cash flow after that period of time," Chavez said. "It's about saving over the cost of the panel. Generally speaking, it's about 20 to 30 years for life span of the panel."

Austin ISD has solar panels in eight different schools. More than 35 other schools have outdoor solar classrooms.