AUSTIN — An Austin family's Christmas lights are gaining national attention.

light display_1545279141810.JPG.jpg
Flores, Rebecca

You may have seen the ABC show The Great Christmas Light Fight and been inspired by the stunning Christmas displays. It’s where family's nationwide get to compete to see who did it best.

Austin's own Maywald family hopes to claim that title, and they were doing it to raise money for a good cause.

“Our goal is around $10,000 again this year,” said Maywald.

Anyone could come to see the lights for free, but people were encouraged to donate, and the money raised goes to help the local Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Maywald family managed to raise over $16,000 for the foundation this year.

The Maywald family makes a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Jordan Maywald

Now, they hope to win the competition, which airs next year.

Flores, Rebecca

“For the show I applied two years ago, from the first season I said I want to be on that show and my parents were like no we're not going to be on that show,” said Jordan Maywald, put together Christmas display.

But 20-year-old Jordan Maywald was persistent, putting up Christmas decorations is something he's passionate about, so he didn't give up.

“In August, I got the call saying you were selected and I mean here's still no words,” said Maywald. “Every light decorators dream is to be on that show."

He’s put up about 120,000 lights and it took about four months to put it all together, but when the lights come on that's when the hard work really pays off.

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Flores, Rebecca
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Flores, Rebecca

“People come out and they're like you live here?” said Maywald.

The college student built a lot of this himself, such as the church, "put it together painted it came up with the plans by myself,” and don’t forget about the lighthouse sitting on a lake.


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For Jordan, all of this is a dream come true.

“When you're so young you just want to be that house day,” said Maywald. "So, I guess we are that house now and will be that house forever and it just puts a smile on everybody's face."

If the Maywald’s win they win a huge trophy and $50,000. You can watch their episode in December of next year.

You can visit the Maywald Christmas Display is at 10505 Twilight Vista, Austin, TX 78736.