July marks 10 years since Austin teen Roxanne Paltauf disappeared from a north Austin motel. Her family is still fighting to learn answers and they're hoping the community can help.

July 7, 2006, Paltauf and her then boyfriend, Louis Walls, were staying at a motel near Rundberg Lane and Interstate 35. Walls told police the two got into an argument and she left and he never saw her again.

"It's mind-boggling that we still haven't found any answers or any clues to her,” Roxanne’s mother Elizabeth Harris said.

The search for the Austin teen hasn't stopped, the family said even after a decade, they refuse to give up. They said they rely on each other to make it through.

"With other missing people, it's hard to get up enough courage and strength to put yourself out there,” Roxanne’s younger sister Rosalynn Paltauf said.

Every year the family hands out flyers and spreads the word through social media, hoping one day they'll learn what really happened.

"We do feel helpless, but we feel it for a short time,” Harris said. “Then we turn around and go what can we do to change this."

They said they need closure.

"She was sweet, goofy, she would pick on us, do our hair. And the day she went missing, I don't know how anyone can describe it, it was the worst thing. I would never wish this upon anybody,” Paltauf said. "Either we want to bring her home or lay her to rest like she deserves."

As police continue to investigate, the family will continue to reach out to the community.

“Anything helps, anything at all,” Harris said.

If you have information on Roxanne Paltauf's disappearance, call Crimestoppers or APD.

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