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Austin resident has been without power for 27 hours amid the winter storm

KVUE Daybreak spoke with a woman who has been without power for 27 hours as the winter weather conditions continue to hinder Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas — As of Tuesday morning, nearly 4 million Texans statewide are without power. In Austin, there are more than 215,000 Austin Energy customers without power as of Tuesday.

One of those people is a woman who identified herself as Lucy. She's an Austin woman who told KVUE Tuesday morning that she's been without power for 27 hours and counting. KVUE's Yvonne Nava spoke with Lucy over the phone on KVUE Daybreak. 

You can listen to the conversation here

Lucy told KVUE she moved to North Austin from Washington D.C. for the winter. Ironically, Austin is colder than Washington D.C. She said her power went out at approximately 1 a.m. on Monday. 

Lucy said she and her fiancé were reading to each other to pass the time, making popcorn on their gas stove and just trying to make due with what they have.

As someone who is native to the northern part of the U.S., Lucy said her old neighborhood in Washington D.C. was on two different power grids, so they had friends to visit easily.  

KVUE also spoke with another woman, Theresa, who lives in northwest Austin and has been without power for more than a day, as well. 

Theresa told KVUE she lost power at approximately 3 a.m. Monday. She said her household had been struggling with off and on power loss since Thursday, however.

Theresa said she also has a gas stove top and a fireplace. She said she's been boiling water for her coffee. Theresa told KVUE her experience without power for so long makes her feel like she's living in the 1800s. 

To check Austin area outages, click here.


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