You’ve heard of sculptures of celebrities and pop icons at wax museums, so why not cake sculptures that you can eat, too?

KVUE News sat down with the Austin couple, who launched their unique cake start-up, 'Sideserf Cake Studio,' back in 2013. It has now taken off to sugary heights -- most recently, a show on the Food Network.

“It’s called 'Texas Cake House.' What’s really cool about it, we get to showcase Austin too,” said Natalie Sideserf, Sideserf Cake Studio Owner. “I love working with the local businesses and kind of showcasing them through my cakes.”

Her edible sculptures of Bevo, Lebron James, Willie Nelson and Ray Benson, etc. are made out of cream, sugar and flour, but were no piece of cake to make.

“It’s quite the process, time-consuming, and you have a short window, because you want to make sure the cake is as fresh as possible,” said Natalie. “You start with the design, and then you have to build a structure to build the cake up, a lot of them are gravity defying.”

Then, Natalie said she stacks the cake and sculpts it, using modeling chocolate.

“So, it has an outside chocolate shell. That’s where all the details come in,” she said.

Then, she either hand-paints or air-brushes her sweet works-of-art. She referred to her sculpture of Willie Nelson, as her most memorable and favorite creation.

“I dove in, not really knowing how it was going to work out. I have never seen a bust cake before of a person. It ended up working out. It looked really realistic, and it’s really how I fell into the idea of making people and celebrities and pop culture,” she said.

Natalie also told KVUE she does let them eat the cake.

“A lot of times people are like, 'I don’t want to! I don’t want to eat this creation that you put so much time into,' and it’s my favorite part. It’s like this entire process,” she said.

Natalie graduated from Ohio State in Cleveland, then moved to Austin in 2011 to grow her passion for cake sculpting with her husband, Dave.

“Came down to Austin with the whole ‘Keep Austin Weird’ moniker,” he said.

Four years after launching Sideserf Cake Studio, Dave Sideserf officially joined his wife’s business last year to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

“When I quit my job, it was like jumping out of the proverbial airplane without checking whether I had a parachute on, but thankfully, the parachute opened,” he said.

On top of teaching classes and taking orders for Natalie's decadent masterpieces came the icing on the cake -- the deal with the Food Network to launch the show, ‘Texas Cake House.’

Dave talked to KVUE News about his role as co-host, which he described as baker and jokester.

“You know, sometimes, it comes off as stupid or goofy, but I’m okay with that too,” he said.

The premiere of "Texas Cake House," is set to air on January 9 at 8 p.m. CST.