It was only a matter of time. There is now a bus tour around Austin just for Pokemon Go fans, or trainers. They get the chance to catch many rare virtual creatures while learning about the city at the same time.

Pokemon Go Tours offered its third ride on Sunday morning. Passengers, like Michael Flaherty, are big gamers.

"I've been playing Pokemon since it came out in 1998 when I was five so I have some investment in the series," said Flaherty.

It was a no-brainer for the 23-year-old to give the new Pokemon Go tours a try. Flaherty moved to Austin in May and is trying to make new friends.

"I just thought this would be another great way to meet people and kind of have some fun and see parts of the city I haven 't seen yet," said Flaherty.

"Everyone get out your phones and get ready," said Philip Loyd to a bus full of Pokemon passengers.

Loyd guided passengers by live tracking Pokemon creatures and alerted passengers on what they're about to catch, when and how long they have.

"Alright, everyone, so we have a Kadabra coming up. We have about 90 seconds to catch it," Loyd told the gamers aboard the air conditioned bus.

When there's a lull of virtual creatures, Loyd gave background information on neighborhoods they passed through.

The bus tour that started in East Austin eventually makes its way to famous Austin landmarks. One of the tour stops is Vic Mathias Shores, a hotspot for pocket monsters.

Here, passengers spread out and conquered as many Pokemon as they could.

Loyd came up with the idea for a bus tour a few days ago after trying out the game for the first time. He was instantly hooked.

"Oh its just insane! You're just like driving around, we went to Burnet Road, which is just a really hot street to go down hitting up all the spots and catching a million Pokemon," said Loyd.

The tour later stopped by the State Capitol. Another Pokemon hotspot.

"At the state capitol building, there's a lot of Pikachu. That's kind of the popular area to go for that. I've been there after work at 10:00 at night and there were 200 or 300 people there. It was crazy," said Flaherty.

Since moving to Austin in May and playing Pokemon Go, Michael has lost a few pounds. He hopes that and making new friends continue as he keeps evolving his Pokemon.

For more information on how to catch a ride, go here.