AUSTIN — A team of volunteers spent Saturday helping the House family heal, nearly a month after the Austin explosions.

Anthony House was the bomber's first victim.

The Austin bomber placed a package on Anthony House's front door step on March 2nd. When House picked it up, it went off and he was killed. The tragic day left his wife and daughter with painful memories.

"I can't imagine what happened and what they're going through,” said Ray Jeffas, a volunteer. “I can't."

On Saturday, the Cedric Benson Foundation and the Roman Lopez Real Estate team partnered to help lighten the load for the House family.

From picking up leaves to mowing the lawn to planting flowers, the entire day was all about making the home a welcoming place.

The package explosion on March 2 caused significant damage to the front door, so volunteers installed a new one for the family free of charge.

“This incident happened at the front door at the entry way and we want to kind of get that off their mind and change the entry way as best as we can,” said former UT football star Cedric Benson.

"They were able to pick out which ever door they wanted,” said Neela Beddoe, with the Roman Lopez Real Estate team.

The team of volunteers hope the new door and the work done to the home can help turn a place full of painful memories into a place they can heal comfortably.

"I'm very much looking forward to this being complete and seeing them walk up to the house and kind of be relieved that it's all said and done with,” Benson said.