The search for Kevin Waguespack, a man who authorities say fled nearly one month ago just as he was about to go to trial in his girlfriend's murder, has gone cold.

Waguespack is accused of killing his girlfriend in 2015. The case sparked controversy after a Travis County Judge Tamara Needles removed Waguespack's ankle monitoring device, which he said interfered with his ability to get a job while out on bond. Waguespack had been showing up for all of his court appearances before he vanished.


Murder defendant remains missing before trial next week

Prosecutors say they insisted to leave GPS tracker on missing murder suspect

Federal officials tell KVUE's Tony Plohetski Waguespack has vanished without a trace, but that they are not giving up on their efforts to find him. Instead, they are upping their efforts. Federal officials told Plohetski they are looking to have Waguespack added to the FBI's Most Wanted list to bring national attention to this search.

Hector Gomez, supervisory deputy for the U.S. Marshal's service said officials have evidence that Waguespack had been planning to flee and that he probably had a head-start on out-running them.

"In our estimation right now, we don't know where he's at," Gomez said. "So I would conclude he's vanished, at least from the Austin-Travis County-area."

If Waguespack was planning on fleeing, officials said he may have had time to gather money, other necessities and possibly even fake identification.

He may also have had help.

"There is someone out there who knows where he's at," Gomez said. "There are only two methods out there to flee -- by your hand or the hand of others."

They said although they are near certain he's no longer in Central Texas, they still think he's in the United States. Gomez said it is possible that Waguespack is camping somewhere, or may be in a homeless shelter.

To find him, they are monitoring social media as well as Waguespack's cell phone and bank accounts, none of which have shown any activity. They also have interviewed his family members and others who visited him in jail about his possible whereabouts.

Gomez said officials now just want to get him back behind bars.

"We are going to do our best with the sources and resources the marshals service has," Gomez said.

If he is found, he likely would not be released from jail. A different judge has set his bond at $2 million.