AUSTIN — The sport that children suffer the most injuries in doesn't belong to football.

According to pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Knapp, that sport is bicycling.

That's why Caraway Elementary sponsored a bike rodeo on Saturday to raise awareness about the importance of wearing bike helmets. The Texas Medical Association also gave away dozens of helmets to the children.

Experts said 85 percent of all head injuries that happen on a bike, happen to children who are not wearing a helmet.

Knapp said wearing the helmet correctly is just as important.

"You want to make sure it's one ot two fingers above the eyebrow and no more. You want to make sure the side part comes at a 'V' at the ear, and you want to make sure it's no more than a finger under the helmet strap," said Knapp.

Knapp said children should change out helmets every three to five years and after a crash. She also said there is a misconception that bike helmets are interchangeable with different activities when helmets are specifically rated for each activity.