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At least 2 arrested at anti-white supremacy rally

It was non-violent until a scuffle broke out.  

The Texas Department of Public Safety said at least two people were arrested at the state Capitol building Saturday afternoon at a protest.

A group of about a 150 people marched from Wooldridge Park in downtown Austin to the capitol where they protested confederate monuments, President Donald Trump, law enforcement and fascism.

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"The protestors were antagonized by this one dude who came up, I don't know where, grabbed … the microphone, and started talking about … the police,” said Nicolas Ortiz, one of the organizers of the protest. “Saying thank you so much, you know I want to thank the police -- until it kind of got out of hand. It escalated from there, people started pushing him, I walked around, got caught up in the mix."

The Department of Public Safety said that Andrew Alemao, 29, of Iowa City, Iowa, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a trooper and attempting to flee. While troopers were arresting him, Angelica Clark, 24, of Austin, tried to interfere with the arrest and was also arrested.

Alemao and Clark were both transported to the Travis County Jail. Alemao was also taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for an injury he sustained during his arrest, DPS said.

Alemao was charged with assault of a peace officer, a third-degree felony. Clark was charged with interference with public duty, a misdemeanor.

Organizers said they originally created the event to counter protest the Dixie Freedom Rally that was planned for Saturday.

That rally was canceled earlier this month.