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'Apple is bigger in Texas' Austinites both excited and worried about Apple's new Austin campus

While some are happy to see a tech giant like Apple invest more into Austin and bring more jobs, others are not ready for the additional growing pains the city might feel.

AUSTIN — On Thursday, Apple announced they will be building a new $1-billion campus in North Austin, which would bring five thousand new jobs to the area. Austinites flooded social media platforms with their opinions on the new company coming to Austin. Some responses were joyous, others... not so much.

Governor Greg Abbott took the stage and spoke of how everything is bigger in Texas, leading to a positive response from @stellaamaariee on Twitter.

Some are just excited to see another big tech giant invest in Austin, like Erik Trevino on Facebook, who is happy to see Apple's announcement.

Others, like @ATXUpdates on Twitter, were also happy to see the new campus arriving in a few years.

While there were a lot of cheers, it wasn't all smiles from Austinites. With more people there can be more traffic, and after dodging the Amazon HQ2 last month, those hoping for the rapid population growth to slow, won't get their wish.

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James Wetuski on Facebook responded with a simple answer that had a big meaning. With Austin already dealing with traffic woes, more people may mean more headaches.

Blake Boggess also responded on Facebook with his feelings toward what more people could mean for traffic throwing in his own twist on a Simon & Garfunkel classic.

Ty Hunter took to Facebook, saying what he would like to see $1-billion spent on before the Apple campus.

Like it or not, the new Apple campus is on the way and will be adding new jobs that will likely bring new residents to our great city.

Lisa Wyatt stated on Facebook that the change is coming due to our great city, and we should be happy that Apple is investing in our area.

After Apple's new campus is complete, the company will be the largest private employer in the city of Austin.

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