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New app looking to help people recovering from drugs and alcohol

One Austinite helped found Recovery Club America, an app with access to psychiatrists and licensed clinical social workers at people's fingertips.

AUSTIN, Texas — Recovery Club America is a new app created by addiction professionals. In the middle of the opioid epidemic, this project came to life. 

"We wanted to provide affordable service for services for people suffering from addiction and other mental health," said John Ingham, co-founder. 

What makes this special? Clients have access to psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers and other therapists at their fingertips. 

Ruben Coleman joined Recovery Club America about seven months ago. He said having a resource like this one has helped him tremendously. 

"Going to a facility, you know, is not always an option," said Coleman. "Especially if you're working overtime or, like, you've got a full-time job. Instead of having to drive somewhere, especially in Austin traffic, you can kind of just hop on your phone or your laptop and, you know, do it there. So, it's basically like therapy is offered wherever you're at, which is very important to me because I'm in a very busy schedule."

It hasn't been easy for Coleman.

"I started out with pills, Vicodin, Oxycontin and quickly progressed to heroin," he added. "I've been to around seven to eight treatment centers. And over time, you know, I would try, but I wouldn't fully commit."

However, he said Recovery Club America is a big reason he's sober today. 

For anyone looking for help, Ingham said it's a great resource because it's also affordable. 

"We're able to keep those prices extremely low for people," said Ingham. "Which helps some of the lower-income populations. Because, you know, one of my beliefs personally coming from the background, I was in in my own personal recovery, is that recovery should not be based on the size of your insurance policy or the size of your wallet."

Ingham said the most someone will pay for a subscription service is $120 a month. They offer $68 for recovery coaching, $120 for group therapy and $95 a session for individual therapy sessions. 

Coleman knows he put his family through a tough time with his addiction. However, with the help of the club, things are looking much better.


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