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'We're having to make tough decisions' | APD chief explains upcoming budget cut changes

APD Chief Brian Manley said staff changes will go into effect on Jan. 17.

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin Police Chief Brian Manley is addressing the "tough decisions" the department is having to make after the Austin City Council voted on Aug. 13 to cut APD's budget by millions of dollars.

Chief Manley sent a video to his staff on Thursday explaining the upcoming changes.  

"A lot of work went into deciding where we would make these cuts from, and again it was approached with the philosophy that patrol is the backbone of our organization," said Chief Manley. 

In the video, Manley explained the overtime budget would be significantly reduced, current open positions would be cut and some police department units would be reduced based on seniority. 

These are some of the units affected: 

  • 911 Call Center - $17.7 million
  • Forensic Sciences - $12.7 million
  • Support Services - $14.1 million
  • Community Partnerships - $2.5 million
  • Victims Services - $3.1 million
  • Internal Affairs - $4.5 million
  • Special Investigations - $1.8 million
  • Special Events - $4.4 million
  • Mounted Patrol - $2.1 million
  • Traffic Enforcement - $18.4 million
  • Austin Regional Intelligence Center - $2 million
  • Park Police - $5.8 million
  • Lake Patrol - $1.4 million
  • Organized Crime/K-9 - $1.2 million
  • Nuisance Abatement - $312,000
  • Canceling 3 Cadet Classes - $2.2 million this year
  • Officer Overtime - $2.8 million
  • License Plate Readers - $133,000


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"We know that you will potentially be working in a different part of the city, working different hours than you're used to working and definitely working in a different operation and going back to patrol. All of this impacts your life and we recognize that," said Manley.

Manley said he consulted with the Austin Police Association (APA) as the department put together its plan, which will go into effect on Jan. 17. 

"I appreciate you, our community appreciates you and these are difficult times that we have not been in before, but I know we will get through," he said. 

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said the cuts will reallocate City money to house people without homes, expand EMS, increase shelter for domestic violence victims, invest in violence prevention programs and expand mental health first responders. He also said budget changes will move certain functions to civilian control and more independent status.

WATCH: Chief Manley talks about upcoming changes for APD


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