Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is criticizing the “Peaceful Streets Project” for some of its social media posts after an Austin Police officer was shot in the line of duty Sunday.

Chief Acevedo pointed to a Facebook post from Peaceful Streets that said, “Austin cops kill another person. As usual, I am sure that the police escalated the situation. #ACAB.” Acevedo said the posts and a response to a user’s comment “provides insight into the mindset of so-called activist.”

In a comment on the original post Peaceful Streets wrote, “The cop is still alive, meaning the *expletive* didn’t die.” A commenter fired back saying, “Sorry, pal, people who steal then shoot cops are *expletive*. It appears this shooting doesn’t fit your narrative. I’m wondering if your hatred of cops is masking your own past criminal behavior.”

The comments came after an Austin Police officer shot and killed an alleged burglary suspect who also shot and wounded the officer. The entire shooting incident was captured on camera and Acevedo wants to release it as early as Monday to show the community what police have to deal with in a situation like this and how quickly they have to respond when confronted by lethal force.

"It's hateful speech, it's hateful postings," said Chief Acevedo. "They harangue. They harass. They provoke."

"He's upset that we say 'F the police'; We're upset that he continues to cover up rapes and murders by his police officers," said Peaceful Streets founder Antonio Buehler.

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday also reacted to the tweets, telling KVUE News that the ‘Peaceful Streets’ group was, "no longer a legitimate cop watch group." Casaday said the posts were outrageous and that the group only antagonizes police officers.

Acevedo also pointed to a post last year from Peaceful Streets when a deputy outside of Houston was murdered at a gas station. In that post, Peaceful Streets wrote, “Pig executed in Houston. Probably shouldn’t have joined a criminal gang. His bad decisions caught up with him. Blame his parents. Or the scores of thousands of pigs who abuse people every month in America. #thuglife”

Peaceful Streets responded to Acevedo saying, "No one loves cops getting shot more than Chief Art Acevedo. He gets to use it to distract from the crimes of his scumbag cops."

In a separate post Monday, Peaceful Streets highlighted a story from California where a deputy was about to shoot and kill a pit bull, but instead shot himself. Peaceful Streets wrote, "We encourage cops to keep shooting themselves and other cops instead of dogs."

The activist group also wrote in a separate post, "Terrorist scum cops are claiming that uptick in crime is related to people opposing cop crime. Cops are too stupid to have guns."