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Another mini-trial possible for man once convicted in yogurt shop murders

The 1991 Austin yogurt shop murder case is back in the spotlight, as one of the men, who was once convicted in this case is hoping to get his name completely cleared. The attorneys of Robert Springsteen went before the third Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

As the man once convicted in the 1991 Austin yogurt shop murder case hopes to get his name completely cleared, Robert Springsteen's attorney's went before the Third Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

Back in December of 1991, four teenage girls were found inside the "I Can't Believe It's Yogurt" shop in North Austin after it was set aflame. Two sisters, Jennifer and Sarah Harbison, along with Eliza Thomas and Amy Ayers, were bound in their own clothes, sexually assaulted and shot to death.

Springsteen spent nine years behind bars before the conviction was eventually overturned due to a lack of evidence. His lawyers said the new form of DNA evidence that came through did not fit his client.

Although Springsteen's conviction has already been overturned, his lawyer said he is now looking get another day in court to be found "innocent" instead of just "not guilty.”

His lawyer also talked about the importance of compensating people who are wrongly accused.

"He doesn't know one day from the next, somebody might show up on his front door and arrest him, bring him back here,” said James Hackney, Springsteen's lawyer.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor talked about what "actual innocence" means, stating that solid evidence is needed to prove actual innocence. He added that the Third Court of Appeals does not have jurisdiction for a re-trial.

"The remedy is to have it mandated to Supreme Court or change the law,” said Andrew Williams, Assistant Travis County Attorney.

The judge said this case has been officially submitted and will be reviewed.

If Springsteen is found innocent through a mini-trial, he could collect more than $700,000 for wrongful imprisonment, according to a petition filed in the U.S. District Court in Austin.

KVUE’s Brandon Jones will have the full report at KVUE News at 5 p.m.

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