Police have identified the man who was arrested after he crashed his vehicle and was seen running naked with a child through a southeast Austin neighborhood early July 29.

Martin James Fosque, 31 -- who had a felony warrant for allegedly strangling a family member -- was involved in a car accident at around 1 a.m. on William Cannon Drive. The man allegedly ran away from the scene of the crash that did not involve any other vehicles.

Police said they received reports that the man went to a house in the McKinney Falls area and asked to use their cell phone. He then ran off with the phone, but left the 9-year-old child at the house, according to neighbors.

After police set up a perimeter, they found a man naked near a privacy fence in the area. He fled on foot when officers tried to contact him.

As officers chased after him, a female resident on Marble Ridge ran outside of her home screaming that a man was inside her house naked. The woman told police the man was hiding in the laundry room of the home after apparently breaking through the locked sliding glass door of her residence.

"Somehow either from him making noise, or the entry that was made in the residence startled the residents. So they were alerted to this. So, if someone's inside your house in the wee hours of the morning and they're not supposed to be it's obviously going to freak you out," Corey Wroblewski, Austin police sergeant, said later that morning.

Police later found that he allegedly stole a blanket from the laundry room. It was found in a neighbor's yard.

An extended period of time passed before officers located a shed down the street. Earlier in the night, officers passed by the open and unlocked shed in a yard. At this point in the night however, the shed was closed and locked. Once officers got inside the shed, they found Fosque naked and arrested him.

As of Monday morning, Fosque is in the Travis County Jail on charges including evading police, burglary of a residence and criminal trespassing. He is also being held on the strangulation warrant. His total bail is set at $150,000.