Two actors were at the Capitol Friday to support the cyberbullying legislation known as David's Law.

Jared and Genevieve Padalecki said they are passionate about putting an end to cyberbullying and are using their platform to raise awareness of bullying and its impact on mental health.

The husband and wife were honored on the Senate floor for their work. Jared stars in the shows 'Supernatural' and 'Gilmore Girls.' The Austin couple joined the parents of David Molak to show support for Senate Bill 179. The bill is named after David, who committed suicide at 16-years-old after months of relentless online bullying.

SB 179 would create penalties for cyberbullying.

Jared and Genevieve opened up about being bullied as teenagers and called for change.

"If the same child that gets suspended for punching somebody decides instead to bombard the same person with endless messages of 'you're worthless, you should hurry up and kill yourself,' or 'this school and this world would be better off without you,' we simply kowtow to the rules, we stand idly by and comfort ourselves with the excuse that our hands were tied, you know, it wasn't on school grounds, it's beyond our control. What true cowardice," Jared said.

David's Law will make cyberbullying that leads to injury or suicide of a minor a misdemeanor. It will also require public schools to report the bullying and intervene.

Members of the Senate and House have signed off on a deal agreeing to changes that were made to the bill. Now, each chamber just has to approve the deal and the bill will be sent to Governor Greg Abbott.

There is some concern the bill could get caught in the crosshairs as lawmakers try to get so much done before Sine Die, the last day of the legislative session, on Monday.

But the authors of the bill are optimistic.