Everyone knows it's Christmas time when they start seeing red and green all over, but for this Austin resident, it's all about the orange and white.

Instead of ornaments and candy canes for Christmas, 19-year-old Ronnie Garcia Jr. is dreaming of his favorite restaurant -- Whataburger.

"Well, it has been such a big part of my life," Garcia recalled. "There was a Whataburger close by my high school, Bowie, and I just have so many memories there with my friends. Like before school, and after every football game, we would always go to Whataburger."

This holiday season, he decided to pay tribute to the beloved Texas fast food chain by decking his halls with a Whataburger-filled Christmas display he and his friends have dubbed the "Whata-tree."

Garcia said the scrumptious setup consists of 55 Whataburger tents, countless Whataburger coffee creamers and sauce packets used as lights, two Whataburger pie holders, several Whataburger cups, five Whataburger to-go bags and a chicken box, as well as various other Whataburger merchandise he's gathered over the years.

The display also includes a special tray set aside for Santa and a Whataburger stocking hanging from a mantle covered in those famous orange order tents. He even included a special ACL Music Festival VIP pass he received from the restaurant chain for winning a contest.

"Whataburger hooked me up with ACL passes, so I just have a lot of good memories with Whataburger," Garcia remembered. "And when my friends heard I was making a Whataburger tree, everyone wanted to contribute."

With his friends' help, Garcia said he got the majority of the items from Whataburger and by attending events where Whataburger was handing out free promotions.

From collecting all the gear and setting up the tree, Garcia said it took him about three weeks to put the whole scene together.

"I'm not sure on an exact figure how much the whole display cost me, but to me it's priceless," Garcia said.

With years of snacking at the burger joint under his belt, Garcia said his Christmas wish this season is to catch the eye of Whataburger itself in hopes of collaborating on a Christmas postcard that could maybe help pay for his education.

Garcia currently attends Austin Community College with plans to attend Texas State University next year. He dreams to later finish up at The University of Texas with a degree in business administration.

After all this, KVUE was curious: what's this superfan's go-to order?

"Whenever I go to Whataburger, I either get a No. 1 (Whataburger) with no onions or a buffalo ranch chicken strip sandwich," Garcia said.