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A look at Austin's complicated unaffordability issue

KVUE took an in-depth look at Austin's unaffordability problem.

As Austin continues to grow, affordability also continues to be a problem.

Austin, currently experiencing rapid growth due to what many would call sudden prosperity, can almost inarguably be considered a boomtown. In a special live documentary broadcast, KVUE explored that topic in depth, from the past, to the present and even into the future.

As a boomtown, Austin is tasked with attempting to solve its unaffordability problem. KVUE took a deeper look at that problem.

Austin unaffordability: How to fight your rising property values

How do property appraisers determine your home's value? What can you do to build a strong case if you think they're wrong?

Austin unaffordability: The good, the bad and the ugly for homeowners

For all the good that comes with Austin's growth, there is an equal amount of worry. Demand makes property values rise, which is good for your investment, but it also makes property taxes go up and up.

Austin unaffordability: Big businesses get incentives, but what about the little guys?

Since 2003, Austin's economic development policy has pushed for ways to help the city grow and diversify its business sector. Part of that includes offering incentives to big companies. But there hasn't been a focus on smaller, locally owned businesses – that could be changing.

Austin unaffordability: The good and bad for local businesses

Eighty-five percent of business owners in Central Texas said Austin has an affordability crisis. These are real issues, likely facing some of your favorite iconic Austin restaurants, retailers and businesses.

Austin’s gentrification problem: How we got here

Decreasing diversity and economic segregation are the side effects of Austin's affordability crisis; fueled by gentrification. While it may seem this problem is getting worse, it's certainly not new.

Watch part one of Austin unaffordability: Gentrification


Watch part two of Austin unaffordability: Gentrification

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