Hudson and his mom, Stacy Komendera, were out running errands last week.

“We get out of the car, and what did you tell me,” She asked her son.

“I found a ring,” Hudson said, remembering spotting the damaged ring on the sidewalk.

Stacy said she decided to keep the ring, in hopes of returning it to its rightful owner. That’s when Stacy saw Faith Goldberg’s post on Nextdoor.

Goldberg posted a picture with a plea for a safe return of her ring, the symbol of a 17-year relationship.

“I didn't want the ring to go back to her the same way,” said Stacy.

She decided to take it to Whitestone Jewelry to see if anyone could fix it up.

“It gives me goosebumps just talking about it,” said George Poe, owner of Whitestone Jewelry. “It's good stuff.”

On Saturday, his staff put the final touches on the ring to make it look good as new.

“I honestly didn't think I'd see it again, but I did,” said Goldberg, smiling at Hudson.

Goldberg gave Hudson a gift card and a $300 reward for finding the ring.

The reason Stacy initially went on Nextdoor was to see if she could find any information on the fatal crash in Cedar Park that killed two young boys.

Hudson decided to donate the reward money to the family who lost their kids in the crash.