7 year-old Yasmin Hernandez is back in Georgetown after spending several months in a North Texas hospital.

Yasmin was diagnosed with aplastic anemia last year. This February she received a bone marrow transplant.

"We saw her go through all the pain when her legs were hurting," said Yasmin's aunt, Belen Jackson. "And she couldn't move. So this, seeing her here, it's great."

Yasmin was surrounded by a sea of family and friends, all anxiously waiting to steal a hug.

"It just makes me really happy that so many people care," Yasmin said.

The family will continue weekly visits to the hospital to monitor Yasmin's cell engraftment level. Right now, it's at 100 percent. This means her new cell donors have taken without her body rejecting. It's the first step to help pave the way to a full recovery.

"You know how Little Mermaid can be underwater the whole time? Well, I still can't swim because I have this two central lines," Yasmin said. "And until they surgically remove it, I can't go swimming."

If her health keeps improving, eventually she will only have to receive a yearly check-up.

"Once the doctor lifts the restrictions she'll just be ready to go back to school, all the normal things she didn't get to do this year," said Yasmin's mother, Bianca Hernandez. Normal things, like enjoying a party just for her.

"Like every day I have been looking at my phone and I've been like is it this day, this day, this day," said Yasmin.

For now, she's ready to soak up the fun of being 7-years-old.

"I know God has something great planned for her," said Yasmin's former teacher, Dawn Mitts.

KVUE viewers sent dozens of cards for Yasmin, the family says they are grateful for all the support.