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Man said he was drugged, had phone stolen and bank accounts drained after bar hopping on West 6th Street

The man said he lost $10,000 – and he wasn't the only victim.

AUSTIN, Texas — After a night on West Sixth Street, a man said he was drugged, had his phone stolen and bank accounts drained – and he wasn't the only one. 

For Raj, these past few days have been far from a walk in the park. 

"I've never been drugged," said Raj. "I don't know how that feels." 

Raj said around 10 p.m. on Friday night, he went to three bars on West Sixth Street. Raj said he got separated from his friends. 

"I don't remember anything from that second bar to when I woke up at 9 a.m.," said Raj.

He said he was groggy when he woke up, but this is where things get weird. Raj said after waking up at home, he realized a stranger's phone was in his phone case.

He said he then went to the Apple Store, where he found out his Find My iPhone was turned off and his iCloud email was changed. 

"After that, I saw email transactions to this random dude that I never met," said Raj. "It was like $2,300 and that is when I was like, 'Oh crap, I probably got robbed.'"

Raj said his credit card was stolen and his debit card was drained into the negative using Apple Wallet on his phone. Raj said the culprit got away with about $10,000.

He said his email alerted him that the culprit tried to sell his stocks as well, but they couldn't because it was the weekend. 

Raj said he used the random email on the Venmo transactions to find the guy on Facebook. He said the guy had a very similar story. 

"He woke up with someone else's phone on his phone case," said Raj. 

But this man was reportedly on Rainey Street that night. Raj said his accounts were drained as well, along with his cryptocurrency. 

"The police officer who was basically just like, 'Yeah, you probably got drugged,'" said Raj. "'They probably got your information by doing the face scanner thing.'" 

The Austin Police Department confirmed detectives are investigating but can't say much more yet. Raj is still in the dark about how this happened, and even though the new Austinite is still phoneless, there is some positive. 

"I feel a lot better after all my banks told me I am getting my money back," said Raj.

Raj said he'll be keeping a closer eye on his cup from now on.

"It is Austin, Texas, and people here are very techie and everything," said Raj. "So they might have like a whole plan going." 

He hopes telling his story will alert others about this elaborate crime.

"I woke up with a phone," said Raj. "Someone might wake up with my phone."

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