For nearly two decades, Robert Jensen has detailed the ins and outs of Print Journalism.

Jensen is a Print Journalism Professor at the University of Texas; National and local current events are usually the topics of discussion in his classroom and at home. However, there's a current event that involves him and it's causing some controversy.

Jensen is one of four professors on a watch list by the non-profit organization Turning Point USA. The group says the professors discriminate against conservative students while promoting leftist propaganda in the classroom.

"The people who put out this watch list are not in the government. They don't have the power to hire and fire faculty. They do create a climate of fear," Jensen said.

In Jensen's case, the group mentions his criticism of the lax treatment of men in sexual assault cases in his 2014 essay.

"There's been a long-standing feminist critique of men's violence in a male dominated society, I wrote about that in the context of the pornography industry and men's sexual exploitation of women that's not really a right versus left position. That's a critique of the very extensive violence that women experience in the culture," Jensen said.

Some of the other professors mentioned include Jennifer Adair, an associate professor of curriculum and instruction; history professor Joan Neuberger; and religious studies professor John Traphagan.

In a 2014 Washington Post editorial, Adair made the list for proposing educators teach children racial tolerance at a younger age to prevent racial prejudice. The group claims Adair has pushed this opinion with required projects and assignments.

Traphagan is named due to a 2015 article published by the Dallas Morning News where he suggested stricter gun control laws.

Neuberger made the list due to her efforts promoting anti-campus carry ideas last year.

Adair and Traphagan could not be reached for comment. However, Neuberger sent KVUE a statement Tuesday saying:

"The Watchlist doesn’t seem interested in what goes on the classroom-the entry on me is about my opposition to laws allowing guns on campus. As a professor, it's important to me that students understand conservative as well as radical ideas and histories and that they base their ideas on demonstrable facts, not on prejudices and fake news sites. Sites like this Watchlist seem intended only to intimidate professors."

Jensen says he never imposes his views on his students, but instead, welcomes critiques of his teaching.

"My job is not to tell students how to act in the world or how to vote, my job is to help students understand the world in which they live so they make informed choices when they vote or when they make political decisions," Jensen said.

Six of the other Texas professors put on the list work at the following institutions: South Texas college, Texas State University, University of Houston, Texas A&M and two from Texas Christian University.