AUSTIN — A Northwest Austin gas station has been dealing with a massive security problem within the last month: an abundance of credit card skimmers have been found at their location, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

An inspector found four credit card skimmers Thursday on pumps one, two, three and four at the 7-Eleven gas station located at 10207 Lake Creek Parkway after a complaint, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture. The Austin Police Department has since removed the devices.

The Texas Department of Agriculture also said that an employee told an inspector that there have been 30 skimmers found in the last month through daily checks at the Lake Creek Parkway location.

However, officials with TDA said those skimmers haven't been reported to their department, and it's not clear if the employee reported those to police. TDA officials said they did not know how the unreported skimmers were being disposed of.

"One of the things we need to address is having the gas station owners and government organizations to keep track of the areas being targeted by skimmers," said Mark Loeffler, communications director for TDA. "That's something we don't have right now and hope legislation considers it," he explained.

Loeffler said there's been a trend of skimmers in rural areas.

KVUE reached out to 7-Eleven, but they denied to comment on the situation.

The TDA gave the following tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of credit card skimming crimes:

  • Avoid the outer gas pumps. Pick a pump in view of the clerk
  • Never use a debit card when you pay for gas. In fact, if you can, pay in cash
  • If you can't pay in cash, check your credit card statements daily
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices when you go to the pump. If you see anything with a long number, don't use that pump and notify the gas company or the state

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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