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3 arrested following reports of graphic images of female students on Snapchat

Bastrop ISD and police are investigating two Snapchat accounts that allegedly showed graphic images of female students.

Three people have been arrested following an investigation into two Snapchat accounts that allegedly showed graphic images of female students, Bastrop ISD communications director Kristi Lee told KVUE Friday.

The arrests come after Lee confirmed to KVUE Thursday that Bastrop Independent School District and their district police were investigating the reports.

Two 17-year-old students identified by Bastrop ISD as Weston Narro and Thomas Fryer, and one juvenile, have been arrested and charged in connection to the investigation. Narro and Fryer were released from jail on Feb. 3, according to Bastrop County Jail.

According to court documents, the teens had been involved in an account called "bhs-exposed" in which they were aware of and transmitted images of intimate body parts of females, which included naked images. Those images included face shots of several females who were able to be identified in the images. These images were transmitted and distributed by the defendants without the effective consent of the identified females, the documents state.

"The well-being of our students is our top priority," Lee said in a statement. "We will continue talking with them about what is appropriate on social media and what dangers exist and involve parents in that process as well. When we all work together and communicate, our students reap the benefits."

Lee said the district was made aware of the accounts Wednesday afternoon after a report they received at Cedar Creek High School. Campus administrators at CCHS and the BISD police began investigating both Cedar Creek and Bastrop High School, as she said the accounts were in both schools.

"Bastrop ISD stands firm in not tolerating bullying or cyberbullying on our campuses," Lee said in a statement released Thursday. "We appreciate the quick response of students in reporting the incident and in assisting the administration in the investigation, and we will take swift and appropriate action against anyone involved."

Austin Criminal Defense Attorney George Lobb sat down with KVUE's Jason Puckett, Friday, to analyze and explain what types of punishments and ramifications could come from a state felony charge.

"Police and prosecutors want to make an example out of people as a deterrent effect," Lobb explained.

According to him, the two 17-year-old's could face six months to two years in jail time and a $10,000 fine. He also noted that a judge or district attorney could allow for a plea deal for probation.

On March 8, Bastrop ISD reported that all data from the phones has been downloaded and investigators are processing it.

Lobb said these types of crimes are more rapid and farther reaching than they used to be.

"Crimes like this are easier to commit when technology is there," he said. "I mean, you can literally do in seconds now what would have taken a trip down to the store or a Polaroid 30 years ago."

He said being tried as an adult at 17 may seem harsh, but it's part of that deterrent effect and has been Texas law for decades.

"I guess the expression," he said, "is that 'they're only 17.' Usually, the response from the prosecutor is, 'well, they're old enough to know that's not appropriate.'"

As for advice for behavior in a social media world, Lobb said, "If it's not something you'd do in front of your grandma, don't do it."

To see an explanation of how to check your children's Snapchat account, watch the video attached where KVUE's Jason Puckett walks through the app.

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