On a night where most children are focused on the gifts they're getting, one little girl is all about what she's giving.

"Some of them said thank you and stuff," said Stella Austin. "Makes me feel happy and warm inside."

At just 9 years old, Austin, a third grader from Keller, has a firm grasp on the true meaning of Christmas.

"You should spread cheer around and give people other things even if you don't know them," she said.

That's exactly what she did on Christmas Eve. She sewed and stuffed 40 toy kittens ('Stella's kitties,' she calls them) herself with the sole purpose of delivering them to children who were spending Christmas Eve at the Salvation Army's Mabee Center in Fort Worth. There are between 40 and 70 children who sleep here every night, said Dolores Watts, the pastor there.

"I know many people think, oh, it's just a little stuffed animal, but it gives a lot of hope to the children," Watts said, adding how grateful they were to Austin.

"That means a lot to the little kids that don't haveā€”that didn't get Christmas," said Nadine Brown, who was visiting her grandchildren.

It felt great to the kids, and it felt great to Austin, too.

"I hope the kitties will make them feel warm and they won't feel lonely because they have a little kitty cat to cuddle," she said.

A small token that's a bigger gift than she may know.