A woman on board a Southwest flight from Atlanta to Houston had to scream for a doctor when her husband started to lose consciousness.

To everyone's surprise, a lot of passengers on the plane stood up.

"We were returning to Houston from an annual meeting at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, so there were probably more than usual number of doctors on this particular flight," says Texas Children's Hospital immunologist Dr. Lenora Noroski said.

There were about two dozen doctors on board.

"The man became sweaty, pale, and his heart rate slowed way down, which helps prevent profusion to his brain, so we knew we needed to get him stable," said Dr. Jeffery Aycock of University of Texas Medical Branch Health, a passenger on the plane.

Noroski and Aycock were just a few of the passengers who answered the panicked plea for a doctor.

"If that was going to happen on a flight, what a great flight for it to happen on. There were so many smart individuals on that flight, the brain trust on that flight, I was just lucky to be part of it," Aycock said.