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Six people arrested on rioting charges Saturday in Austin appear to be local

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said Monday the department is still looking through arrest records to determine whether those arrested are from the Austin area.

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin police arrested nearly four dozen people this weekend during the protests.

Police confirmed 14 people were arrested on Saturday in relation to the demonstrations.

Some of the charges included robbery, assault on a peace officer and obstructing a highway.

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And Austin police arrested 29 people on Sunday, according to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley. 

The KVUE Defenders obtained court documents showing six people were arrested on Saturday with rioting charges.

Based on KVUE’s standard background check process, all of those individuals appear to be from the Austin area.

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Several other individuals were arrested in connection to the riots, but KVUE is still waiting for police to release the names and charges of people taken into custody during the demonstrations.

A representative with the Travis County District Clerk’s Office said court documents for Sunday's arrests won’t be available until Tuesday morning.


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