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Sex assault claims rarely confirmed at state hospitals

When Anisha was sent to the Austin State Hospital in 2015, her mother pleaded with the staff, 'Please, please, I don't want my daughter to go there.' A few days after her daughter's stay, she called to tell her mother that she had been raped by another patient.

Erin Jones

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State hospitals are often a last resort for the mentally ill and we trust patients will be protected, but one Austin mother worries patients are being preyed upon inside them and wonders whether anyone is paying attention.

Angela McKay is fighting for justice for her 32-year-old mentally disabled daughter, Anisha. She said Anisha's outcry of rape while a patient at the Austin State Hospital has fallen on deaf ears. The KVUE Defenders have been digging into Anisha's case and found records that suggest there may be thousands in Texas just like her. This is her story.