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Nearly 1 million Texans overdue for second COVID-19 vaccine

About 7.4% of all vaccinated Texans are overdue for their second COVID-19 vaccine shot, according to data from the Department of State Health Services.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Department of State Health Services reports that, as of May 16, nearly 12 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

But hundreds of thousands of people haven’t shown up for their second dose, meaning they aren’t protected from the virus as much as they could be.

According to DSHS data, of the 11,848,197 Texans who have been vaccinated, almost 900,000 are overdue for their second dose. That’s about 7.4% of all vaccinated Texans. 

And DSHS reports 821,944 people have gone to different providers for both of their doses. That’s about 6.9% of all vaccinated Texans.

At the start of vaccine distribution, DSHS discouraged people from getting their second dose from different providers but a spokesperson said now that vaccine supply is less limited, that guidance has changed.

"We’re fine with people going to different providers for each dose," DSHS spokesperson Lara Anton said. "When supply was limited, we were ordering second doses based on where we allocated first doses. Now that there is ample vaccine supply and providers can order the amount that they need, we’ve encouraged providers to give second doses to anyone who asks for one."


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