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Can we still vote a straight-party ballot?

The KVUE Defenders are answering your questions ahead of Election Day.

AUSTIN, Texas — Questions continue to come into our newsroom about voting and the election, so the KVUE Defenders are answering a few.

Question: Why can we not have a way to verify that our absentee ballot was received and accepted?

Answer: Some Texas counties, including Travis and Williamson, do let you track the status of your mail-in ballot online, using information like your birthday, driver's license number or voter ID number.

Question: Can we still vote a straight-party ballot?

Answer: No. The governor signed a law to get rid of straight-party tickets, which allowed voters to tick a box at the top of the ballot to cast votes for all members of one party. A judge did file a measure to temporarily block that a couple weeks ago, but a higher court shot down that ruling, so straight-ticket voting is out in Texas.

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