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Defenders Q&A: Why haven't I gotten my stimulus check?

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AUSTIN, Texas — We know there's a lot to take in about the coronavirus crisis. That's why the KVUE Defenders are taking your questions every night.

Question: I still haven't gotten my stimulus check. Why not?

Answer: Here are some reasons people may not have received theirs yet:

  • They owe child support.
  • The IRS doesn't have their information because they haven't filed taxes.
  • Bank account information on file with the IRS is out of date. In that case, you'll get payment by mail if you're eligible.
  • In some cases, banks have had trouble processing direct deposits and returned the payment to the IRS. You should receive a paper check instead.
  • Parents who are not married, and do not file a joint tax return, cannot both claim a child as a dependent to receive a payment.
  • And time could just be a factor. The IRS estimates about 35 million people eligible for economic impact payments still haven't received them. In April, the IRS estimated it could take up to 20 weeks to get all payments to everyone who is eligible.


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Question: Is the IRS going to bring back the home deductions for home offices since we were ordered to stay in place?

Answer: Self-employed people can write off some home office expenses. Many freelancers were already taking a home-office deduction before the coronavirus.

But the Tax Act of 2017 eliminated a lot of individual tax breaks, including the home-office deduction for W-2 employees.

To claim the home office deduction there are two basic requirements: regular and exclusive use and principal place of business.