“I’m at a Lego robotics tournament for my oldest and you’ve never seen this many depressed fathers in one place. We’re all thinking, ‘Other kids play football...’”

That’s the Saturday tweet from Houston dad and radio host Jesse Kelly that has Twitter tweeting Monday morning.


Many are upset with Kelly’s series of tweets mocking his son's Lego robotics tournament.

"They have a play by play announcer. On my life, I'm not making that up."

Lego robotics involves a real-world scientific challenge for kids. The young engineers and programmers must create robots to complete various tasks.

He later tweeted, "They just announced the champion and this place is rocking like it's the Super Bowl. I don't belong here."

Critics were quick to respond – on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

"Man it’s so EPIC that you care more about your image than being proud of your son. SUPER COOL that you tweeted this to your 100,000 followers also! EPIC TWEET man!" responded @pokmon_facts.

"Imagine actually encouraging and being proud of your son for competing at something he loves?  Crazy right?" tweeted @LeonLush.

But the AM 950 radio host doesn’t seem to care, and in fact continued to retweet some of his critics on Sunday night. He also tweeted that some people don’t have a sense of humor.

"Apparently @JesseKellyDC is retweeting everyone dunking on him over this not because of his obvious brain worms, but because this hacky meathead dad s--t is apparently his 'comedy.' tweeted @destroyed4com4t.

Kelly’s initial tweet alone already has more than 10,000 direct reactions – most of it apparently negative.

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