It’s February. Even when the weather is nice, it can still seems like half the people you know are sick.

It can be hard to feel good! Even if you’re not actually diagnosed ill, this time of year can make you feel sluggish, exhausted, irritable and just all around bad.

So, we wanted to know: What do you like to do when you feel crummy? Do you have go-to meals or feel-good films you like to watch? Do you use any home remedy tricks that work every time?

Here’s what you told us:

First of all, you're super into soup.

We got so many answers that included soup or broth. Several of you said pho or potato soup, but the most common answer was chicken soup — in particular, homemade and spicy. Guess chicken soup really is good for the soul!

You’re also big on using citrus…

Some of you turn to hot lemonade, while others like their get-better citrus in the form of lemon in a hot toddy. Others said eating oranges or drinking orange juice can be good for sickness.

…and elderberries.

Elderberry soup, elderberry cold and flu medicine, just elderberries in general.

Hydration is also important to y’all.

Be it tea, Powerade/Gatorade, 7-Up or just good ol’ water, many of you championed replenishing your fluids as a way to feel better. Great advice!

And while it's not exactly hydrating, another common liquid suggestion was taking a shot of whiskey. 

You don’t rule out actual medication.

We got several answers about over-the-counter meds, from Vicks and NyQuil to Theraflu and Sudafed. You’re also fans of making the very air you breathe healing – be it with a cool mist vaporizer or an essential oil diffuser.

And some of you got specific with your feel-better routine.

As soon as Jesse Hardin Jr. starts to feel better, he likes to spend an entire day cleaning and disinfecting his home and vehicle. 

Ashly Rubio likes watching 'Live PD,' while Dana Shaffer said, “Watching Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element always makes me laugh so hard, I feel better!” And Sally Garza likes to watch Lifetime while sipping warm water with honey and lemon. 

Karen Curry said hanging with her cat, “a compassionate care-giver,” helps her feel more like herself. 

And Shruti Pandaya Babu had some generation-to-generation wisdom to hand out: “My mom taught me a lot of home remedies she learned growing up in India from her mom which I now use on my kids. Whenever my kids have a cough I take turmeric and honey and make a syrup out of it and we use it as cough syrup. Works every time.”

But the most common answer we got?

Sleep! Almost every person said some basic R&R helps them get back on track. It never hurts, right?

Try one, try ‘em all. We hope these tips can help you get back to feeling your best!