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The fattest city in America is in Texas, according to this list

Maybe this is one list we shouldn't be proud to be on.
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DALLAS — Everything's bigger in Texas, as the old cliché goes. A new WalletHub study released Wednesday claims that some of those big things are Texans' waistlines. 

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The personal finance website just published its "Fattest Cities in America" ranking, and Texas cities and their suburbs show up six times on the list. The study ranked 100 of the most populated areas in America across 19 key indicators of weight-related problems such as adult obesity, physically inactive adults and the highest percentage of adults with high blood pressure.

The fattest area in America is the McAllen/Edinburg/Mission area in south Texas. At No. 19, there's San Antonio/New Braunfels and the DFW metroplex rings in at No. 28, closely followed by El Paso (No. 29) and the Houston/The Woodlands/Sugar Land area (No. 31).

The study also found that the McAllen/Edinburg/Mission area had the highest number of obese adults and highest number of physically inactive adults, and the San Antonio/New Braunfels had the second-highest number of physically inactive adults.

Other interesting findings:

  • Out of the Top 50 fattest cities, more than 20 are in southern regions of the country
  • El Paso, Texas residents have lower cholesterol than most of the nation — but they're also the most diabetic
  • The least-fat area in the country is the San Francisco/Oakland/Hayward area in California
  • No area in Montana is listed as being fat

In other news, a Wednesday news release touting the partnership between Uber Eats and McDonald's says there are 234 DFW-area McDonald's locations that serve "McDelivery" — McDonald's by way of Uber Eats. 

So far, the area's favorite McDonald's meals are the 10-piece McNuggets meal, followed by a Big Mac Meal and a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal.

Maybe this is one list we shouldn't be proud to be on.

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