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Students in Austin teach younger students about the coronavirus and prevention

At the Harmony Public school, second- and sixth-grade students taught the kindergarten class about how to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

AUSTIN, Texas — Quite a few people are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, including some sixth-graders at a North Austin school. That's why they gave a quick lesson to their younger schoolmates.

It's a conversation we're all having, including second-grader Aariyana Panta and sixth-grader Sarah Burhan

"The germ goes through your body and it goes to your cell, and cells are the little things that make up your body," said Burhan. "Now there are more or more viruses and bad things inside of me."

Burhan and Panta are just two in a group that is teaching some of their fellow students about the coronavirus. They attend the Harmony Public School in North Austin. Their plan was to give the kindergartners simple tips.

"Dab when you cough; dab when you sneeze; keep those germs away from me," explained a video they showed the class.

It's things that could help all of us. But for these kids, they're having the conversation over coloring, which makes it easier to connect.


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"So what did you guys learn about the coronavirus," Panta asked the other kids. "Have you ever played match cards?"

She's comparing viruses to things they know, such as playing a matching game or a lock and key.

"Those are the keys and those are the locks," she said. "The keys are these parts, the protein spikes."


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Even if they get the exact words wrong and mess up, it's the ideas they want these kindergartners, and all of us, to remember.

"Just that everyone should wash their hands, cough and sneeze into their elbows, and just stay away from germs and viruses," said Burhan.

If kids can have the conversation, maybe it's something all of us can remember.


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