This week we will have a recovery week and learn foam rolling techniques with the owner of LFL Beauty and Fitness, Montana Judd. Today is a basic introduction. By performing self-myofascial release techniques on a simple piece of foam, you can improve flexibility, function, performance and reduce injuries.

In a nutshell, you use your own body weight to roll on the round foam roll, massaging away restrictions to normal soft-tissue extensibility. All you will need for these exercises is a foam roller or any long and firm objects such as a baseball bat or a water bottle.

Foam Rolling Basics

For this introduction exercise, sit on the floor with your legs extended out. Next, grab your foam roller and place it underneath your calve. Then, place your opposite leg up and across your other leg making your ankles cross. This helps apply pressure to this specific area. Then, use your arms to lift your body up and then slowly roll forward at about an inch per second. Make sure that you are applying pressure to the most painful area in your caf. Continue to roll forward until you reach the knot in your calf and then hold yourself in this position for 30 to 90 seconds.


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