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Medical marijuana brand 'goodblend' opens first retail location in Austin

The company is one of at least three licensed dispensing businesses in Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas — Austinites will now have more access to medical marijuana. 

Medical marijuana operator goodblend will open its first dispensary location in Texas. Headquartered in Austin, goodblend creates marijuana products cultivated and produced in the Lone Star State.

Since 2015, the operator has provided the widest selection of medical-grade marijuana products throughout Texas and is one of at least three licensed dispensing businesses in the state. 

On Tuesday, goodblend will open its first medical marijuana retail store in southeast Austin on East Riverside Drive. The official opening will begin at 3 p.m. with a DJ, a ribbon cutting and brief remarks.

"This will be the first time where you'll be able to come in to a convenience store with your prescription and actually order product live on the spot that'll be in our inventory and then leave with it that day," said Terrence Baugh, community relations manager at goodblend. 

Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act in 2015, which allowed the first legal use of low-THC cannabis products in the state for patients with epilepsy. Since then, it has been expanded to include patients with seven other medical conditions, including seizure disorders, autism and cancer.

Staff with goodblend said that opening the first retail store will allow a quicker process for patients to receive their medication. 

"Currently, you just come in and purchase your product with your prescription already in hand. But we are looking at options in the future to have a doctor on site or even telemedicine on site. So if you're curious and you just happen to walk in and you can do your telemedicine visit right there and then leave with your product as well, too," Baugh said.

Registered patients of the Texas Compassionate Use Program can shop safe, high-quality products from gummies to chocolates to tinctures. The store will be open six days each week, Monday through Saturday. 

Currently, goodblend is hiring drivers who can deliver products across the state or work at one of their pick-up locations. 

"If you're an enthusiast and you just know a whole lot about the plant, go on our website and check out how to apply for a position and see what's available. Because as we continue to scale and then, this being a legislative year, as the program expands, we'll be looking to hire more and more employees to help grow this program," Baugh said.

The comapny supports House Bill 1805, which would adjust dosage amounts for patients, allowing more options to provide a wider range of products for clients. 

Visit goodblend's website to see available appointment times with the licensed physicians in their clinic. 

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