Today's Exercise Minute with Richie Griffin is all about your shoulders and abs. All you will need for this circuit is yourself.

Push Ups

The first exercise will be push ups. To start this exercise, get in the plank position and make sure hands are placed directly underneath your shoulders. Next, you're going to bring your chest down by lowering your arms and then push yourself up. Do this for ten reps.


Star Planks

The next exercise is star planks. You will start this exercise in the plank position with your feet spread apart and your arms extended outward. Next, you take your right hand and reach to your left toes and then go back into the plank position. Then, you're going to do this same thing with your left hand and reach to your right toes. Do 10 reps of this exercise.


Inch Worm

The last workout in this circuit is called the inch worm. Once again, you will be in the plank position. Next, you're going to slowly move your hands back all the way until you reach your toes. When you reach your toes, try to keep your legs as straight as possible. Then, you're going to move your hands forward until you reach your original plank position. Do this exercise for five reps. Once completed, repeat this entire circuit five times.


Have an awesome workout!